Be part of the androrm project

You think androrm is a cool tool and you also have lots of ideas on how to improve it? If yes, then this is your section! Go ahead and fork the project on github and maybe become part of the core development team.

Or did you find a defect or something you want to have improved? Then file a bug or a feature request and help finding the parts, we forgot to cover!

GitHub Issues

If you've been here before, you might notice, that we don't longer use phabricator. Back then it seemed like a good idea but it turned out, that most people didn't get it. This is a huge problem, if you as a developer want to get feedback. So now, if you want to add a feature request or report a bug, please use GitHub issues. This is also where the code is, so tracking is much easier.


Make a donation

Androrm is and will always be free. No matter what! Anyway, if you like that warm feeling in your heart if you give something, please support this project by making a small donation. It will definitively help to keep this project alive and to push it forward.

You can either make a donation using Flattr or PayPal. In every way you decide what amount to give!


androrm on github

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