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Androrm offers an easy to use solution to most of your problems.

Androrm is an object relational mapper especially for android. It will help you develop your applications faster, by taking care of all database related actions, such as table creation, object serialization and deserialization and lookups. Define your models using the classes, that androrm provides, define relationships between them and instantly write queries spanning as many model classes as you want in a one-liner. The elders of androrm

Click the button on the side, to download the latest release, read the installation guide, do one tutorial to get you familiarized with how androrm works and keep your application DRY as you no longer have to write SQL alongside your class definitions.

Taking the next step

Feb. 8, 2011

With the beginning of this week androrm version 0.2 has been released. This new release boosts performance while creating queries and minimizes object creation. This is done, thanks to a new construct called QuerySet. Whenever you interact with objects, this is now being done manipulating a query set. It is now easier and faster to create complex queries and work with your models.

Philipp Giese

A new child is born...

Jan. 23, 2011

Today is the day, the androrm project finally goes online. Androrm is intended to fill a whole, that currently exists in the android development community. There is no ORM tool out there. The general belief is, that mobile phones just do not have the power to handle ORM. That might be the case, if you try to get hibernate running on a phone, but androrm follows a more lightweight approach.

But, to be honest, there is currently no data available on androrm's performance. So please, go and try it out. And if you find a flaw in the code, that could pump up performance, than please participate and help androrm growing and improving.

Philipp Giese


Androrm is open source and distributed under the MIT License.
androrm on github

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